Why Not? – Day 273 of The Pollyanna Plan

The Pollyanna Plan

My 5 year old niece spent the day with us again today and this afternoon, for some out-of-the-blue reason, I decided to teach her how to tap dance.

I used to tap dance as a child, but I haven’t done it for 20 years – crikey, that makes me sound REALLY old – but it all came back to me pretty quickly, as did the lovely, bubbly, happy feeling that tap dancing used to give me.

I thought to myself, “I’d love to tap dance again, but there’s nowhere round here to have lessons and besides, my energy might not be up to it and I’m far too old (in my mid 30’s) to take it up again etc, etc.” Then, before I knew it, I had come up with lots of reasons why it would never work and I’d talked myself out of the idea completely.

However, later on…

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